• Strategic media management skills
  • Media interview skills training
  • Media awareness seminar
  • Media crisis
  • Advanced media skills
    • Media specific – We will work on key messages for your target audiences
      • Print – Trade press, local/national newspapers, lifestyle
      • Radio – studio, down the line, chat show, phone-in
      • Television- studio, down the line
      • National/International
      • Social media training
      • Some or all of the above
    • Numbers
      • How many people need to be trained
      • How much time are they prepared to invest
      • We recommend small groups, up to six on a full day
      • Up to four, or one-to-one , on a half day
      • Where would you like to run the training
        • In your own premises, using our equipments
        • In a local external venue, away from office distractions
        • In our training centre as an away day
How to plan your training
Training works best when it is tailored to you, your organisation and your issues.
We have been planning, designing and delivering media training for more than fifteen years, so let us help you. You don’t have to do it alone.
We’ll take you through the steps to that you get the training you need:
    • Who needs media training?
      • Your CEO and Executive Management Team
      • Senior managers with no previous media experience
      • Key spokespeople working at “grass roots level”
      • Non media spokespeople
Interview scenarios
Would you like to concentrate on your success stories
Raising your profile
Preparing for a crisis as part of your contingency planning
Work on both success and crisis media interviews
We can come to you and run training in your own premises, anywhere in the MENA . Also we can help you organise the training in a local external venue .
We’re also here for you after the course is over, offering free on going support, rehearsal and advice for your next live media interview.
How experienced are they and what course will work best for them?
    • Executive mangers needing advanced strategic media management skills
    • Experienced spokespeople needing advanced media skills
    • Already media trained but rusty, needing a short refresher session
    • On-call managers or staff who could be faced with a media crisis
    • Complete media novices needing media interview skills training
    • Non-media spokespeople who need a media awareness seminar
  • What has prompted this training? We will tailor the course for you.
    • A specific issue that you need support with
    • An upcoming event that you want to promote
    • A potential media crisis
    • Routine leadership development
    • Induction training for new staff
    • A need to raise media awareness across your organisation