IMC Tourism Club Members

one member- per sector- per country- per city

What is IMC Club?
IMC Club is a non-profit club founded in 2016, by a group of experts in the Travel and tourism sector from different countries, with a clear slogan “Tourism without borders “.The idea has been successful because there is one member- per sector- per country- per city and its focus on cooperation and mutual interests for all stakeholders.IMC Tourism Club Members experience and expertise strives for top quality and the best professional service in the tourism field.

Who are the Members of the IMC Tourism Club?

  1. It is an exclusive club, therefore membership would be by Recommendation only.
  2. Each Member is registered, experienced, and qualified with a good reputation in the tourism sector.
  3. Membership is limited to only one member of each tourism sector per country per city.
  4. By including just one Member from each, IMC Tourism Club aims for the best and the highest caliber service. It, therefore, involves a careful and thorough selection process.
  5. The candidates to IMC Club membership are strictly subjected to an arduous selection process.
    one-member-per-sector- city- country policy.
What are the main activities of IMC Tourism Club ?
  1. To work on creating a professional partnerships between the members countries.
  2. To make Promotion and marketing of tourist interfaces between the members targeted countries.
  3. To develop co-operation and exchange of information and leads between members.
  4. To organize the conferences, seminars and training and tourism fairs.
  5. To conduct market research in the targeted countries all over the world..
  6. To work on facilitating the movement of tourists between the members countries.
  7. To ensure and maintain the quality of service provided by IMC Tourism Club members.
  8. To enhance the professionalism of IMC Tourism Club members through education and training, exchange of ideas, techniques and staff, and through seminars.
  9. To Issue magazines and publications related in tourism activities in members countries.
  10. To promote the name and image of IMC Tourism and its members throughout the travel industry.

Benefits of IMC Tourism Club Membership

  1. Access to Service Provider members for direct and prompt assistance and support
  2. Conferences – workshops, speakers, networking, exhibitions, etc.
  3. Discount co-exhibit space in the IMC Pavilion at Tourism trade shows.
    Discounts for members with Suppliers of IMC members up to 50%
  4. E-Newsletter that keeps members up to date with industry activities.
    Access to IMC online member’s directory.
  5. With IMC take your Business further and beyond, when:
    Exhibit within IMC Pavilion.
    Promoted as part of the IMC Tourism platform.
    Establish direct and personal contacts with high profile clients.
    Get expert advice from start to finish.
    Get expert Marketing and Communications advice and assistance.
    Get all logistical arrangements.
    Meet New Suppliers and Buyers.
    Develop and strengthen partnerships with international companies.
    Establish new contacts and enhance your company profile.
    IMC Tourism opens more windows for your business.
    With IMC Tourism opportunities, the sky is the limit.
Tourism Sectors of IMC Tourism Club Members
  1. Travel Agent & Tour Operators
  2. Hotels & Resorts
  3. Online Booking Systems 
  4. Car Rental Companies
  5. Transportation Companies
  6. Hands Crafts & Souvenir Shops
  7. Low Cost Airlines Companies
  8. Cruises Companies 
  9. Travel & Tourism Fairs & Events