Plan your trip

You can research a travel destination before you go and find out everything you need to know. Find the ways that work best for you – you’ll likely end up using several methods in order to cover everything.

Many Ways to Research a Travel Destination Before You Go

  • Wikitravel Articles
  • Read Posts By Travel Bloggers Who Have Been There
  • Email Travel Bloggers
  • Watch Videos on Youtube
  • Ask About it On Reddit
  • TripAdvisor
  • Read Local News Sources
  • Couchsurfing
  • The Staff of Your Hotel
  • Read Guide Books
  • Read Non-Fiction Books
  • Watch Documentaries
  • Watch Films or TV Shows
  • Read Novels Set in That Country
  • Look up Hashtags
  • Talk About it To People
  • Read Magazines
  • Ask Someone You Know Who Has Been There
  • Podcasts
  • Ask Expats Who Live There

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IMC Award 2019, Tourism Excellence Award

Within the activities of the Izmir International Tourism Fair and in its thirteenth session, which was held between the period 5-7 December 2019 in the Turkish city of Izmir, a number of tourism events from the Arab world were honored with the IMC Award for Tourism Excellence for 2019
And as follows

Excellence Award for Arab Tourism Exhibitions
Iraqi travel market exhibition
His Excellency Professor Caesar Tariq
The Republic of Iraq

Excellence Award for Tourism Services
His Excellency Mr. Ahmed Sultan
Umm Al-Ghozlan Oasis Tourism and Travel
Benghazi, Libya

Excellence Award for Arab Tourism Public Relations
His Excellency Shukri Sharrad
The National Office of Tunisian Tourism
Republic of Tunisia

Excellence Award for Associations of Tourism and Travel Agents in the Arab World
The late Issam Al-Assas
Former president of the Palestinian Tourism and Travel Agents Association
State of Palestine

Excellence Award in participating in tourism exhibitions
His Excellency Professor Kazem Hassouneh
Member of the Board of Directors of the Palestinian Tourism and Travel Agents Association
Member of the Palestinian Business Forum
Member of the Tourism Advisory Council
State of Palestine

Excellence Award for Tourism Marketing Content on YouTube
His Excellency Professor Ayman Ashe
Travel with Ayman channel
Saudi Arabia

Excellence Award for Audible Tourism Media
His Excellency Mr. Riyad Khamis
The fourth radio station
Hebron – the state of Palestine

Excellence Award for Promoting Tourism Relations between Izmir Province and Arab Countries
His Excellency Counselor Rustum Yuxel
Izmir – Turkey

Award for excellence in equipping tourist exhibitions
Mrs. Shukran Arjun
Şükran AKGÜN
Izmir – Turkey

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